Westmarket - food, shops & more

WESTMARKET styles & flavours

The Shoperade on the Osdorpplein is completely renovated and is now called Westmarket. Your new place for international food and indoor shopping center in centre Nieuw-West.

Amsterdam Centrum Nieuw-West is a fantastic area that never fails to surprise. Amid the rustic surroundings of Sloterpas you can relax, shop and enjoy delicious food.

Step into the colourful Westmarket and experience a world of tastes and styles. Under the roof of this market-hall you’ll find delicious fresh produce from local businesses, so pull up a chair in one of the foodcourt’s many eateries, or wander endlessly around numerous boutiques. Just like Citiez, Westmarket is in the middle of the colourful Centrum Nieuw-West shopping area and brings you every Tuesday one of the best weekday markets in the Netherlands.