Zie je graag binnenkort in Citiez Hotel Amsterdam. Hierbij enige handige informatie voor iedereen die bij ons verblijft.


Check-in and check-out tijden
In 15.00 uur, out 12.00 uur


(Mobile) check-in and check-out
Check in met je mobiele telefoon, iPad of laptop thuis of onderweg. Het enige wat je hier nog doet is je sleutelkaart ophalen bij onze Citiez Hosts. Check-uit is makkelijk gemaakt, dus na het inleveren van je sleutelkaart wordt de betaling automatisch gedaan en de rekening gaat als vanzelf naar je email. 


Citiez is een rookvrij hotel!


Our beautifully designed breakfast buffet serves only fresh, local products including fruits, fruit salad, organic yoghurt, tasty jams and premium cereals as well as Old Amsterdam Cheese and first class ham. Besides delicious bakery products, pastries and healthy, squeezed juices, we offer freshly brewed Barista Coffee by ‘Earth’ and a range of top quality organic teas. We do not serve any mass-prepared products like scrambled eggs and bacon.


We accept most credit cards and debit cards. Please note that we do not accept cash!


There is parking along the streets near the hotel, but there is also a parking garage next door which charges 25 euro a day (12,50 euro when you pay in the hotel)! 


Ironing board
We have one available somewhere... 


Can I cancel a reservation?
Please check our cancellation policy during the booking process.


Please check our payment policy during the booking process.


Cleaning and new towels
We care about your wallet as well as the environment, which is why we give the rooms a thorough clean once you have checked out and a light clean during your stay. During your stay, towels will only be changed when necessary!


Free Wi-Fi
There is free Wi-Fi access throughout Citiez Hotel Amsterdam. 


All Day Café
In our eatery shop, we sell a range of mouth-watering, fast and healthy food together with a selection of delicious coffees! We offer a wide range of drinks, salads and snacks, as well as a selection of useful items that might come in handy when you’re travelling. 


Late check-out/early check-in
You can usually check in slightly earlier or check out later. Ask our Citiez Hosts about availability.


Pets are not allowed
Please note that there are no pets allowed at the hotel. Service and guide dogs, however, are allowed and can stay for free.


Safe & luggage
There’s a small safe in every room. Luggage can be stored free of charge.


We are open 24/7