How we handle Corona at Citiez with the power of hospitality!

At Citiez, our values – responsibility, care, and passion – have never been more important. The wellbeing of our colleagues, guests and partners is our number one priority. In order to secure just that, we have set up procedures, plans and routines related to Corona. We keep a close eye on the development of Corona, and we follow the guidelines of our local health authorities and act accordingly, taking all necessary precautionary measures.



All employees, suppliers and other partners have been provided with information about Corona and management instructions. We have clear procedures for dealing with guests, staff and other people who experience symptoms, to make sure the virus doesn’t spread. We follow the guidelines and recommendations of local authorities – all listed and visible for our guests to see and follow as well.



KEEP DISTANCE - Citiez is a personal and relatively small hotel, so no long lines at the reception and no busy breakfastroom. And more precisely, we keep a minimum of 1,5 meters distance, both to guests and our colleagues!

NO PHYSICAL CONTACT - It means no handshakes, cheek kisses, and hugs. 


PRIVAT (BATH)ROOMS - All our rooms are privat, with privat bathroom and toilet.


NO MORE THAN 10 PEOPLE - We ensure there are no more than 10 people in each room.

WASH & SANITIZE HANDS - We wash hands frequently and use sanitizer and encourage our guests to do the same. In public areas, sanitizer dispensers are available to our guests and colleagues

CLEAN SURFACES - We clean and disinfect all surfaces multiple times a day, with special attention those that many touches.

GOOD MORNING BREAKFAST! - Our healthy breakfast is served each morning with strict precaution - from how we serve the food, to available sanitizer dispenser and the right distance between guests. Of course, breakfast in bed is provided as well! 



We know everything is in flux right now. So, let’s do what we can and stand together to slow down and contain the spread of Corona. The health and well-being of everyone are what we care about the most. We follow the development of the coronavirus situation continuously, and we are ready to take any further necessary actions. Our colleagues are prepared to handle situations like these that may occur, and we have confidence in their abilities.



We are still welcoming guests and strive to provide no less than extraordinary guest experiences, even in these challenging days. Did you make a non-refundable booking at our hotel directly through us, and are unable to complete your journey, please do contact so we can assist you. Did you make your booking through an online travel agency or another travel partner, please contact them, as the transaction has been made with them, and they can assist you.



The outbreak of coronavirus has changed our reality, day by day, hour by hour. We have taken all necessary steps to secure that our hotel is not just here today, but also in the future. Safety is our main priority, we are taking all precautionary measures for our guests to feel safe when they stay with us. You may feel hesitant to travel or book trips right now, we understand that. But no matter what’s happening in the world, we’re ready to welcome you as usual.

See the latest news and updates on the World Health Organization website

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Citiez' new conditions & protocols!



1. ♥ 100% hospitality @Citiez! ♥

Always nr. 1; we believe in 100% hospitality, now even more than ever, what ever it takes..

2. Physical distancing

We implemented physical distancing measures throughout our hotel.

3. Cleaning and disinfecting

We increase cleaning and disinfecting frequency throughout our hotel, paying attention to high-touch items.

4. Air circulation

We improved air circulation processes to increase air quality.

5. Protective barrier

We installed protective screens at the front desk.

6. Sanitizing stations

We installed alcohol-based hand sanitizing and glove stations near the front entrance and public areas.

7. Key cards

We provide clean and disinfected key cards upon check-in.

8. Door hangers

We display a door hanger with cleaning and disinfecting information.

9. Travel-size hand sanitizer

We provide each guest room with a travel-size hand sanitizer.

10. TV remote

We provide a clean and disinfected TV remote in an individually sealed and protective bag.

11. Linens

We wash all linens at a high temperature for optimal disinfection.

12. Stay-over cleaning

We provide stay-over cleaning upon request to minimize contact with team members and secure high quality hygiene.

13. Online check-in

We provide an online check-in process to minimize contact with team members.

14. Express check-out

We provide an express check-out process to minimize contact with team members.

15. Methods of payment

We offer cash-free methods of payment.

16. Grab and go in our allDayCafé

We offer individually packaged and other grab-and-go food options.

17. Breakfast-area and allDayCafé

We spaced tables apart in our hotel to provide physical distancing.

18. Good morning breakfast

Our healthy breakfast is served each morning with strict precaution - from how we serve the food, to available sanitizer dispensers and the right distance between guests. Of course, breakfast in bed is provided as well! 

19. Food safety

We adhere to the strict safety procedures while serving all food and beverages.

20. Team training

We provide team members with comprehensive hygiene and prevention training program.

21. Team member temperature checks

We administer temperature checks for team members and suppliers, when legally permitted or required.

22. Team member PPE

We provide team members with personal protective equipment.